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Friday 15/04/2022 All Day

Pesach in Tel Aviv 2022 Everything you need to know to celebrate Pesach in Tel Aviv!

Friday 22/04/2022 All Day

Mimouna in Tel Aviv 2022 when Pesach is finished it is the Moroccans who party the hardest!!!

Wednesday 4/05/2022 All Day

Shavuot 2022 @ All over Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Shavuot is a Holiday that commemorates one of the most important events in Jewish history – when the Torah was given to us at Mount Sinai. Shavuot means “weeks”, this is not a coincidence, since the Holiday marks the seventh week of the counting period since Pesach.

Sunday 25/09/2022 All Day

Rosh Hashanah 2022 Rosh HaShana is essentially the Jewish New Year, “Rosh” means beginning and “Shana” means year. In the Jewish world, in this day families gather to have a traditional dinner (Seder) where they bless different foods with specific meanings.

Sunday 9/10/2022 All Day

Sukkot 2022 Sukkot is a widely celebrated festivity in Israel that commemorates the 40 years Jews spent living in temporary shelters in the desert after they left Egypt.

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