Wadi Rum is also called the Valley of the Moon, it is a desert area in southern Jordan that comprises a valley with enormous dunes and magnificent rocky outcrops that are carved out over time by eroding action of water, frost, and wind. The region is now among the popular attraction in Jordan which attracts visitors from all over the world. Wadi rum offers tourist mind-blowing landscapes and the chance to experience the Bedouins lifestyle. The area is also surrounded by thrilling attractions suitable for all kinds of tourists.

__Top places to go in Wadi Rum__

Lawrence Spring This is a top site not to miss while in Wadi Rum if you are interested in learning about the history of Lawrence of Arabia. The spring can be found about 2km south of the village of Rum and you can easily spot it because of the nearby water tank. This spring is believed to be his military base and home while in the desert and you are going to enjoy mind-blowing views from the top.

Khazali Canyon This is a long and narrow canyon that is popularly known for fascinating ancient petroglyphs and inscriptions that are on its rock walls. It is also similar to siq at Petra and it is a perfect destination to learn about the geology of Wadi Rum. You can easily access the first 100 yards of the canyon but you will need to be an experienced rock climber to explore further. This makes the canyon a hotspot for rock climbers that wants to explore further inside the canyon.

Anfishiyyeh Inscriptions This inscription can be found on the side of a mountain in Wadi Rum. It is considered to be among the most magnificent examples of ancient petroglyphs that can be found close to the Red Sand Dune area. The Historians believed that some of the inscriptions were made by the Nabataeans while others are considered to be Thamudic carvings. The highlight of the inscriptions is the carvings that depict a caravan of camels.

Barrah Canyon This is a famous tour stop in Wadi Rum and it stretches over five kilometers. The canyon is a great spot to try out varieties of thrilling activities such as camel tours, hiking, rock climbing, and so on.

Nabataean Temple This temple can be found close to the Rest House in Wadi Village. It was once a majestic and colorful temple and you will find the remains of the temple in Wadi Rum. Although many people do not know the exact date that it was constructed, it is thought to be about 2000 years old.

Um Froth Rock Bridge This is among the numerous enchanting rock formations that you will find in Wadi Rum. It is also considered to be among the most photographed spots in the area. The bridge is a naturally formed bridge which makes it a picturesque sight not to miss among the red sand of the Wadi Rum desert. The bridge is also the perfect spot where you can enjoy stunning sunset sceneries.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom This is a rock formation that is named after the popular book written by T. E. Lawrence. You can easily access these pillars from the visitor center.

Burdah Rock Bridge This is regarded as the tallest natural rock bridge that you will find in Wadi Rum. It is a great destination to go for hikers and rock climbers. The best thing to do here is to take a moderately challenging climb to the peak of the bridge to enjoy panoramic sceneries.

Best time to go Wadi Rum is popularly known as a year-round destination. The best time to come is during the temperate months (March-May and September-November) if you want full days of exploration. You can also visit the desert during the springtime which is when the desert plants come alive and you will enjoy stunning views. It is also during this season that the Bedouin herds are surrounded by adorable baby camels and goats. You can also visit the desert during the summer and winter period but can be less comfortable because of the harsh weather but if you can brave the weather, you will get to explore the desert with smaller crowds.