Numerous markets in Tel Aviv attracts lots of tourists and locals daily. You are surely going to find a market that suits your needs whether you want to buy food, antiques, flowers, or vintage clothing. The markets in Tel Aviv comprises of both indoor and outdoor options and it offers a great sensory adventure to tourists and locals alike. Some of the best markets in Tel Aviv are listed below.

Shuk Hapishpishim (Jaffa Flea Market) This is a popular market in Old Jaffa and it has been in its current location for about 70 years. The market is among the market culture in Jaffa for centuries and it is surrounded by a maze of stone-paved lanes with narrow streets that you can explore. Some of the things that you can shop for in this market are jewelry, carpet, second-hand furniture, and so on. It is also a great destination to go at dusk as the market transforms into a vibrant nightlife spot with music baring and restaurant tables on the street.

Carmel Market Carmel Market is also called the Shuk HaCarmel and it is a top spot to go shopping in Tel Aviv. You are going to find a wide range of market goods that you can buy here which ranges from fresh fruits and flowers to sunglasses. The market is also a great place to go if you want to test your bargaining skills with numerous market vendors. For a thrilling experience, you should ensure you try out things like halva or olives. For a memorable experience, you can join a guided tour through the market.

Sarona Market Sarona Market is a great destination to go to Tel Aviv if you want something different as it offers a culinary adventure that will leave you mesmerized. The market is a great place to go if you are contemplating what to eat for lunch or dinner. The market offers a wide range of food court which will surely suit your taste. It is also considered to be among the best markets in Tel Aviv. It is also a great family-friendly option to go for families as it features a stunning outdoor playground for children and also spaces suitable for a picnic.

Antique Market The antique market is a suitable place to go for thrifty shoppers that are searching for second-hand deals. It is a weekly market and it is filled with interesting antique goods and collector items that you can buy. The market was once located close to the Dizengoff fountain before it was moved to Givon Square. The newly created space is close to popular streets and attraction, it is also not far from the Sarona Market.

Hatachana Compound This market is located conveniently close to the beach and it is not far from Neve Tzedek. It was once a train station before it was converted to a market that offers a unique shopping experience while in Tel Aviv. The market houses some shops that open every day while some opens weekly on Friday and Saturday where you can buy small gifts and artistic creations. This market offers tourists a great mix of the history of modern-day fun and it is a great destination to go with kids or to eat after relaxing at the beach.

Levinsky Spice Market, Florentin This market is a great place to go for food lovers as you can get most of the spices used for the local cuisines here. The market has a rich history and it is filled with a plethora of shops of younger generations of Mizrahi Jews which add to its unique vibe. The market has a vibrant atmosphere which is much like the same as when the market was opened in the 1950s. The market is a hotspot for both locals and tourists with rich aromas and a great spot to buy dates, nutmeg, and pistachios. It is opened every day and the best thing is that it is not far from the New Central Bus Station. It is also a perfect destination to eat and drink in Tel Aviv as it is surrounded by cafes and restaurants that is also suitable for people-watching activities.