This year International Oud Festival will be taking place from November 21-30 and it will feature some of the most thrilling talents. The festival is popularly called the king of musical instruments. The oud is a one-of-its-kind pear-shaped instrument that unites and connects varieties of musical cultures and traditions and it is popularly known beyond the Middle East and also as far as the Indian subcontinent. The festival offers variations of ancient and modern works which include works from classic Arab and Persian oud artists and composers from the past.

Event This festival was founded in 2000 and it helps in promoting cultural diversity while also strengthening familiar sounds and also to protect endangered sounds. The festival presents numerous original productions and special performances every year. This offers unique interpretations of ancient and modern works and it shows the connection between the Arab and Persian classical music and Jewish liturgical music. It is a festival not to miss for music lovers while in Israel. The event will be hosted by the Confederation House and this will festival will mark its 20th anniversary. It brings some of the most fascinating stars of Greek, Hindi, Balkan, and Turkish music in new arrangements and lovely interpretations of the greatest voices and the instrumentalists from the genre.

Highlights of Oud Festival 2019 The opening event will be an exclusive performance and it is arranged mainly for the 20th anniversary of the festival. It will bring together the popular Turkish musician Omer Faruk Tekbilek with the popular guitarist Brian Kean and Zara, a well-known Turkish singer with Kurdish descent. On this special evening, you will get to enjoy some of the creations that the two stars created during the 30 years of their cooperation and seven albums. Tekbilek is popularly known for collaborating with leading artists in the World Music genre which includes Yasmin Levi, OfraHaza, Tomatito, and so on. The opening event will take place in the Jerusalem Theater on November 21st at 9 pm. Another highlight is the Baglama Festival where you will enjoy Baglama music from Diwan Saz ensemble and the popularly known Turkish artist, Okan Murat Ozturk and also a guest appearance of ItamarDuari, Mark Eliyahu, and David Menachem. This program will showcase ancient tunes from the Turkish-Sufi tradition with typical liturgy and Arab-Turkish music. This event will give music lovers the chance to experience a great mix of cultures, languages, and melodies that will soothe your soul. This event will also take place in the Jerusalem Theater on November 25th at 9 pm. Another event on the lineup of the festival will give you the chance to watch as one of the most popular Indian musicians, Shahid Parvez and Parveen Sultana is known as the queen of the classical Indian music performs. In the first part of the show, you will enjoy instrumental performed by Parvez while you will enjoy wonderful songs by Sultana on the second part. The musicians will also be accompanied by pump organ, table, and Tambora. The event will take place on November 28th by 9 pm at Jerusalem theater. The festival will then come to an end with a special show of Estudiantina orchestra that will be conducted by NiesUnies and popular singer AlkistisProtopsalti who has worked with varieties of popular composers like Theodorakis, StavarosXarchkos, and DionysisSavvopoulos. You will also enjoy popular melodies with new and original arrangements that present the traditional Greek music and also the tunes of the Balkan and modern Greek composers. This event will take place on November 31st by 9 pm at the Jerusalem theater.