When the word the Mediterranean comes into your mind, you might probably think of Spain, France, Greece, and Italy, Morocco, Croatia etc. But if you look a bit further to the east side, there is another Mediterranean country, ready to welcome you onboard, and that country is “Israel.”

Now you might be probably thinking of what possible reasons could there be to visit this country? Well, we got all the reasons mentioned here as follows;

  1. Jerusalem Is The City Of Religious Importance Jerusalem is the city, where you’ll find all three religions including; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity as their very sacred and important sites exist here. Also, it’s a place connected with Jesus.

  2. It’s Got More Museums In Per Capita, Then Anywhere Else If you are a fan of gaining knowledge and more wisdom related to the past, the history, religions, culture and much more, then this should be the next destination on your checklist as it got it all. It’s got above 200 museums, more than anywhere else in the world.

  3. It’s Cheaper Well, you heard that right!! Travel to this Mediterranean country is a lot cheaper than the rest of the countries falling in the same category. If you are willing to travel to Tel Aviv from London, the price shown to you by sky canner in July would probably be $233.19 as £175 respectively. If you are planning to stay up late at night, then the late-night options you’ll see will turn out to be even cheaper than this.

  4. It’s Got Great Food Either you are vegan, or a meat lover, this place’s got the healthiest and tastiest food you’ll ever find. Inspired by the traditional eastern culture, here you will find amazing healthy food like; falafel, shakshuka, boureka, hummus, cardamom ice cream and much more. It’s got a great colorful food scene as there are a great bunch of celebrated restaurants like North Abraxas, located in Tel Aviv, where there is the live kitchen and people are sitting uniquely, close to each other to chat celebrate and have fun.

  5. It’s Got Amazing Beaches Since Israel is surrounded by some part of the desert, there are plenty of great beaches here you’ll find highly appealing, for example, there is a six-mile beach in Tel Aviv, quite famous among the youth, a place where you’ll see cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, and runners strolling the promenade, some taking sunbath, some swimming, and some surfing. Also if you want to go to a calmer place then there is this beach called “Alma Beach”, where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy sunbathing, swimming, surfing and much more.

  6. The lowest place on Earth (The Dead Sea) There is a place here in Negev Desert known as “The Dead Sea.” It’s a natural wonder of the world, a sea in which you can’t swim due to the high amount of minerals. However, you can float. Also, the mud here is used for amazing skin benefits such as; reducing Acne, scars, blemishes, etc.