New Year is just around the corner and it’s very important to know about things we could do to celebrate our new year’s eve or should we call it as the Israelis call it “Sylvester.” If you are living in Israel or are about to travel there for New Year’s Eve, you’ll be quite happy to know, that here in Israel, people love celebrating New Year’s Eve. It’s gotten quite a lot popular in Israel in recent years. Although it’s not an official holiday, there is always a great excuse for the party right?

It doesn’t matter what way you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, you can celebrate it in any way you want. Here in Israel, you can dance, sing, cook food and do all you want on this day because when it comes to celebration, Israel is down to earth people in it so you’re going to love it here.


How New Year Eve Is Celebrated in Israel? In Israel, people love to party and have fun. Here on New Year’s Eve, there is a full level celebration. There are night clubs for parting, concerts, tasty food stalls, party-themed restaurants, live shows, nightlife, beaches and much more. It’s a full-on night time party mode for the New Year’s Eve to give you more then you ask for.

People are quite party-loving here and even have a special name for the occasion called “Sylvester” so if you have any plans to come to Israel and celebrate the New Year’s Eve, then it will be a moment you won’t forget.

Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Israel There are many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve however, it depends upon the person how he/she wants to celebrate it. People with families might celebrate it differently than people with friends so here we are with ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Israel, great for everyone.

  1. Enjoy Delicious Dinner among Israel’s Famous Restaurants There are many great restaurants available in Israel with a New Year’s theme to get you to celebrate New Year in style. Whether you are a meat-lover or a vegan, love western or eastern, there is no problem when it comes to food here. Famous restaurants here include; OPA (vegan restaurant), OCD Tel Aviv, Mantra Ray, etc.

  2. Capture amazing Photos at the Street Art A street party is usually offered in December during New Year’s Eve. It consists of great artistic views, making the geographical location a bit more exciting. The drawings on the streets, each tell a different story. Some are regarding political concepts, some regarding nature and some about modern lifestyle. So go grab up your smartphone or a DSLR camera and take great pictures and make memories.

  3. Go for Live Music Shows There are various live shows held in Tel Aviv of Israel to help you celebrate your New Year’s Eve in style. Visit some of the concerts to attend various live music shows and have time of your life.

  4. Pamper yourself in Israel’s luxury hotels If you are not in a mood of much traveling and just want to enjoy the moment in peace, then go for Israel’s luxury hotels and feel pampered in luxury.

  5. Get your party mode on in Nightclubs There are tons of night clubs opened up for celebrating New Year’s Eve. If you are a night owl, then it’s a great place for partying. Get a load at the cocktails, wine, and champagne and have a time of your life.

  6. Have a relaxing view of the Eilat beaches There are great beaches available in Israel. Take a tour to Eilat Beaches and enjoy the breathtaking views. Go for surfing, take a dip in the sea and swim, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, or go to their beach hotel bars for food and drink.