Israel is highly famous for its historical and religious background. It’s a place where people of three religions live together in peace and harmony including “Muslims, Jewish, and Christians.” People from all over the world come to visit this place due to its ancient past and religious importance since Jesus' birthplace exists here.

Since Israel has a complex and vast historical background, it includes about 200 museums for visitors to gain knowledge about its history and is a wonderful place for archeologists and those interested in knowledge. If you are looking for a place, where you would love to gain knowledge regarding the past, then your knowledge gaining, can start here. Below are mentioned in the top 5 best historical museums in Israel.

  1. Israel Museum – Jerusalem The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is the largest educational and archeological institute within the whole country. It’s located within the capital of this country and is considered to be the best place for visitors to seek knowledge with their friends and families. It’s a major feature institute in “The shrine of the Book.” Its structure is that of a dome, for showcasing the scrolls of the Dead Sea, and other ancient manuscripts.

  2. Tel Aviv Museum of Art The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a museum found in 1932, known as a leading art and culture museum in Israel. It contains art galleries, wonderful architecture, design, illustrations, and another knowledgeable source. A lot of exhibitions are held here.

  3. Yad Vashem, Jerusalem The Yad Vashem museum, located in Jerusalem is one of a kind museum and a must-visit destination for those who visit Jerusalem. It’s a moving museum in which, many Jews who perished in the hands of Nazis in World War II are remembered. Also, those, who worked hard in Building Israel are given importance and are remembered. Every year, more than 1 million people come to visit this museum. There are many pictures located in this museum regarding those people who sacrificed for the sake of Israel.

  4. The Museum for Islamic Art – Jerusalem The museum of art, located in Jerusalem, is a museum for impressive archives of Islamic art. There are frequent exhibitions held here to show the geographical and cultural side of Islamic art. There are a lot of antique items located in this museum especially the antique watches since the museum got quite famous for it back in 1983. That happened when a thief is known as “Naaman Diller” stole watches worth $204 million from its exhibition.

  5. The Negev Museum of Art, Beer Sheva The Negev Museum of Art, located in Negev desert is located in an old town called “Beer Sheva”, also known as “the desert’s capital” and its building was built back in the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century. It displays a great variety of art frequently and many live concerts are held here live in its country yard.