Having quality time at the beach is almost everyone’s desire to fulfill however, to find places with the best beaches is always a tough decision. There are many great places in the world offering tons of beaches but if you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful scenic views, natural wonders of nature within an affordable range, then I’ll suggest you visit Israel as it’s got a ton of great beaches to choose from.

Since Israel got a lot of beaches, it has always been a questionable debate regarding which is the best beach among all of them. However, this article will provide a solution to all of your questions regarding the best beaches as it will cover one of the top 5 beaches of Israel, which will help you escape from that noisy, busy city atmosphere, to a relaxing one.

Following are the top 5 best beaches located in Israel;

  1. Tel Aviv Beach Among one of the best beaches of Israel, this one is their favorite. It is stretched to about 10km along the Mediterranean. This beach is divided into 10 sections, also known as beaches, each having different visitors, a different atmosphere and a different character of its own. Some of the great examples include;

Banana Beach: Perfect place for drinking, relaxing, playing an Israeli sport called “market” and enjoying the sunset. Often there is a low table seating done for people to enjoy drinking in a relaxing environment.

Gordon-Frishman Beach: A busy beach preferably on weekends especially in summer. It’s a meeting point and quite a famous place for people to meet and have a get-together.

Hilton Beach: A quiet beach, famous for surfers, those who love to bring dogs and those who would love to have some peace. The beach got bathrooms, volleyball sport, and a beach library with a facility to borrow over 500 books for free.

  1. Caesarea Beach The Caesarea Beach is a very unique form of the beach providing both fun and education to its visitors. Fun in terms of it being a beach and education due to having ancient Roman Aqueduct markings in the inland edge of the beach. Also, it’s got clean sand. It’s a beautiful photo spot and is quite a busy beach due to the Roman Aqueduct it has. Also, it’s recognized as the best tourist spot in the Middle East for 2020 by Travel & Leisure.

  2. Jizr a-Zarqa Beach The Jizr a-Zarqa Beach, is a beach located around the Jizr a-Zarqa village, a village of fisherman Arabs. There is a special fish restaurant opened during odd days so that not only you get to have fun at the beach, but also eat some healthy food like fish, once you get hungry.

  3. Acadia Beach A very beautiful and highly popular beach, located in Herzliya, Israel. The beach is huge, highly clean with clean sand, a lot of food stands and cafes, also free showers and toilets. It also has promenade, chairs, and umbrellas where you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

  4. Ein Bokek Beach A beautiful beach and also a visitor’s favorite giving the awesome sensation of people floating on the mineral sea. It consists of outdoor showers, changing rooms and clean washrooms.