The year 2019 is almost about to end and hopefully will take all the pain away from many people who felt it in terms of any loss they witness during the year. A new year, however, always brings with itself great opportunities and exciting new ways to celebrate our good times, let go of our bad times, part ways with our old self and welcome our new one. Every New Year, people have great expectations from it to let it bring happiness in whatever way possible. The same goes for Israel as every year, it also brings with itself, interesting and exciting ways, to cherish our wonderful moments.

At the beginning of the New Year 2020, In Tel Aviv city of Israel, a pop-up museum will show up, taking over 15 apartments, on a four-story building. The Museum will be regarding the showcasing of art, galleries, calligraphies, illustrations, graphic designing, decorations and much more. The museum will also have a theme of raising awareness regarding urban life renewal. Museum will remain open for 1st 5 days of the year from January 1 to 6. It’s a temporary museum and as soon as the days are over, the building will demolish.

What to Expect from the Pop up Museum in Israel Since the museum is only for a temporary basis, there will a ton of great artists participating in it. Some will be international artists while some will be from Israel. The artists who will contribute to the event will include; graphic designers, street artists, painters, illustrators, installation experts, art directors, decoration organizers, and exhibitors. There will an unbelievable option of checking out the amazing art of talented artists and you may get a chance to present the work of your own. There will be a ton of great pieces from paintings, to illustrations and sculptures which you will witness while your visit here. Also, you can just roam around all sorts of different apartments where the art exhibits are held so you get to experience them, take pictures and make memories. It’s a wonderful start of the year.

Things to Do in Pop up Museum Israel The following are some of the things you could do while your visit here to the temporary museum in Tel Aviv.

Experience the Innovative Event: Experience the original exciting event, a dream come true for art lovers. Take up your camera with you, take great pictures and learn more about their culture.  Witness Amazing Art: There are going to be a ton of great art pieces for you to witness while your visit to the Pop-up Museum. This includes; Illustrations, art, paintings, sculptures, cardboard cut pieces, origami, calligraphy, graphic designing, decorations, spray painting and much more.  Roam around the apartments to learn more: Since the museum is being held in about 15 apartments, you can simply roam around to look for more inspirations.

Date and Timings The event will remain open from 1st January 2020 to 6th January 2020 from 02:00 am to 10:00 pm