If you are looking to go for a trip to Jerusalem, then you have made an excellent choice, as it’s the place highly famous for its religious and historical background. It has also been mentioned in the Bible due to its importance. Every year, about 3.5 million people come to visit this city. It is known as one of the most visited tourist destinations all over the world.


To know more about Jerusalem, let’s look at its further details below;

Jerusalem Historical Importance The city of Jerusalem is an ancient city, now the capital of Israel. It is known as one of the oldest cities in the world, built back in the 4rth millennium BCE. It is a very holy place especially for the Jews, and Christians, and has been of spiritual importance since 1000 BCE, from the time when the king of Israel, David, developed this city and made it the capital of the Jewish community. Later its first temple was commissioned by the son of David, known as “Soloman.” It has been attacked about 52 times, recaptured 44 times and destroyed twice. Its great walls were built back in 1541 during the Ottoman Empire era and currently, it’s among the oldest cities of the world.

Places to Visit Now that we got a bit detailed information about the city’s historical importance, let’s look at what places can we visit here while our stay.

  1. Jerusalem Old City Jerusalem Old City is a must place to visit as it’s surrounded by ancient walls. It was built about three centuries ago in the Ottoman Empire era by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1538. This city is divided into 4 quarters; Muslims, Jewish, Christians, and Armenians. There are many religious places you can visit here such as; “Tower of David Museum, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Western Wall, Temple Mount” etc. There are a lot of stops after the Kotel tunnels you can visit and take a look. Also if you are going for a shop giving religious items then go for “The Shuk in the Muslim Quarter” where many such religious items are sold for making your day a memorable one.

  2. Mount of Olives The very famous Mount of Olives, known as the very beautiful “Garden of Gethsemane”, known for the olive groves which once covered the slopes of this place. Here, you will find great opportunities for taking great photos and making memories. There are also a lot of churches and mosques there to visit as well. Also, here you will find the “Palm Sunday” road, officially leading to the old city.

  3. Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial It’s a very famous moving museum, primarily built to cherish the memory of the beloved non-Jewish people who helped in saving Jews during the holocaust. The entrance to this museum is free.

  4. Jerusalem Archeological Park The Jerusalem Archeological Park is an open based museum, located right next to the southeastern corner of the Temple Mount. Tourists who come to visit here walk through the ruins, including a ritual bath for about a century old.