Christmas is just around the corner and if you are planning for a visit to Israel or are living there currently, you better not miss this chance then. It’s a holiday, a very unique style of celebrating Christmas, a tour to great religious places Starting from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Herzliya at the 24th of December in 2019, and years after this year, taking you to great places “Jerusalem and Bethlehem”, to give you a brief religious history of Jesus on this day, as both of these cities are connected to Jesus birth. According to the historical point of view, Bethlehem is a place where Jesus was born.


Tour for Christmas Eve The official tour begins in Jerusalem, by entering the Old City, where you will get to find your way to the narrow streets and tend to visit holy places there including Western Wall, Temple Mount, etc. There, you will get to eat some really good food of unique style such as; Falafel sandwiches, dates, and hazelnut filled sweets, etc. After the tour is done in Jerusalem, next, you will be provided a visit to the new city of Jerusalem to see a new culture, new infrastructure, new technology, etc.

Next, after your wonderful visit to the city of Jerusalem is done, you will be given a visit to Bethlehem where you will get to celebrate Christmas Eve. As soon as you enter into Bethlehem, you will begin to feel Christmas vibes, because there, you will find decorated buildings, lights, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Santa Clause and much more. There, you will enjoy the wonderful Christmas holiday dinner, followed by the tour you are having at that time. There in Bethlehem, you will visit “Shepherds’ Field & the Milk Grotto.” After that’s done, the last part of your list would be a visit to Free Square, where you will get to enjoy the wonderful Christmas held festivities and a view of the midnight mass.

The tour starts from $109 covering all great places connected to Jesus including midnight mass and dinner. It starts on December 24th, 2019 and can be booked by contacting Israel Tourist organizations respectively.

Reason to Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem There are many reasons why you should celebrate Christmas Eve in Bethlehem. It’s because since it’s the place where Jesus was born, Christmas is celebrated here widely. There are Christmas decorations seen everywhere, the lights, the Christmas tree, Christmas parade and of course Santa Clause. Then you get to have a taste of delicious and authentic Christmas food including; “Maamoul (delicious butter cookie filled with dates, pistachios, sugar), Ghraybeh (shortbread made of semolina, filled with pistachios and orange blossoms), Arabic coffee (strong spicy coffee having cardamom), etc.

Since it’s a place of religious importance, many religious possessions exist here which pass-through “Manger Square”, which is a plaza outside Basilica of the Nativity, standing on the traditional site of Jesus' birthplace. The possessions include; “Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Catholic, Protestant, and Ethiopian” respectively.