Jerusalem is the city known for its biblical importance and historical background. It’s a city where people from all over the world come to visit to learn about the culture, its significant importance, history and take a glimpse of wonderful places located here. Normally, in Jerusalem, It’s quite difficult to see all the beautiful and historically valued places in one day. However, if you are looking for visiting Jerusalem by any chance and spending one day there, knowing all the religious aspects, then you don’t need to worry as we got you covered.


Here is the list of places you can visit while your day trip to the old city of Jerusalem;

The Old City of Jerusalem Jerusalem’s old city is a frequently visited place by tourists all over the world. It’s a place known highly due to its historical and religious importance. It is a city surrounded by ancient walls and is divided into four religious categories; “Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian.” Based on its historical importance, this city was built around three centuries ago. It is mentioned that it was built in 1538 by Sultan Suleiman, The Magnificent in the era of the Ottoman Empire. There are many places to look for while your visit to the old city, it is, however, to be noted that while visiting the old city, try to dress modestly i.e. women shoulders and knees required to be covered and men’s hair in respect for this place. The places to visit in the old city are as follows;

Tower of David Museum: It’s an archeologist museum, where you get to learn amazing stories regarding its historical background.

The Shuk in the Muslim Quarter: It’s a shop for religious items to be sold to the tourists whenever they come here for a visit.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher: The holiest site for the Christian community as it is believed that Jesus had been crucified and buried below this church.

Western Wall: The holiest site for the Jews community, where thousands of Jews come to pray at the wall almost every year. Some even write important notes on the wall as a prayer to be accepted or other personal reasons. As per the history of this place, it is said that it was built back in the 1st century BC. By “Herod the Great”, for encompassing the Second Temple enclosure.

__ Temple Mount:__ A religious site for all three religions “Islam, Judaism, Christianity respectively. There is a special “Dome of Rock” available here which can be visited by Muslims only. Any non-Muslims are not allowed here however, it can be seen above the Western Wall.

Food and Drinks If you are craving for any food Items or beverages when you get tired of all that traveling, then you can get your hand on some really delicious treats on the way in the narrow streets of the old city. There, you can get food items such as;

• Arabian style falafel • Falafel sandwiches, a new form of Israel healthy fast food snack • Traditional Armenian food • Sweets filled with dates and hazelnuts And much more. So get up, pack your bags and get ready for this amazing trip in the old city of Jerusalem.