New Year is coming and like every year, things are about to get exciting. Every year people plan to prepare a bucket list to get themselves ready for traveling. They prepare a list of all the destinations they would love to visit and make a bucket list of things to do there. So why not leave everything behind and prepare a bucket list for things to do in Israel. After all, it’s a fun place to visit and is cheap too.

There are many great things to do in Israel. People often visit western destinations and probably get tired of them, so why not try visiting the east side, why not go for something new? Israel offers beautiful natural landscapes, natural wonders, amazing beaches, delicious food and great historical sites and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Here is the bucket list of the top great things to do while you visit Israel.

  1. The Beautiful Beaches Beaches in Israel, are one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The place is filled with amazing beaches. People from all over the world come to visit Israel to enjoy the beautiful beaches. Here you can take a sunbath, enjoy surfing in the sea, take a dip in and swim, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, listen to the sound of the waves of the sea and enjoy to your fullest. Wonderful options are available to choose from.

 Dead Sea: A natural wonder of the world where the sea is located the deepest and the saltiest. Water filled with salt minerals, an amazing place to discover and is located within the desert so you can take a paddleboat ride within the desert, how cool is that?  Tel Aviv Beaches: There are great beaches located in Tel Aviv such as; Banana Beach, Gordon-Frishman Beach, Hilton Beach, and Alma Beach. All providing stunning breathtaking views along with amazing sunlight.  Eilat Beaches: The Eliat beaches are something else. They provide a breathtaking view of beautiful mountains, the beach, and sparkly water shining in the sunlight. Amazing place to enjoy a peaceful view.

  1. The Historical Sites Another very famous reason for Israel to be visited by people all over the world is the number of historical sites located within the county. The country is known famously for its religious importance and is a place for all three religions; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Regardless of your background and religion, you can come and enjoy the cultural and historical information regarding the historical sites.

Jerusalem: Jerusalem is a highly famous destination spot for visitors as its highly famous for its historical sites. There are century-old places renowned for their historical importance. The places include Western Wall, The City of Gold, Bethlehem, First Temple, Al Aqsa Mosque, etc. All places are known for their historical importance and religious views. Underground City: The city is located beneath the old city. There, look for the ancient tunnels of the past, discover them which showcase great Jewish sites.

Church of Nativity: This is recognized as the birthplace of Jesus. It is located in Bethlehem, is of high adoration for the Christian community and is still a place for worshipping even after centuries. Also, it’s a great place for travelers to come and learn about ancient history. Masada: It’s a must to visit the location in Israel and is situated near the Dead Sea. It’s an ancient forest, built about centuries ago, in 30 B.C. and revolves around the history of King Herod. So go for a visit and learn about its history and significant importance.

  1. The Natural Wonders Israel is famous for having natural wonders, wildlife, mountains and amazing landscapes. It’s a great idea to get out of the busy roads and start looking for the beauty of nature.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve: the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is a wonderful place, a must-have in your bucket list. It offers wonderful landscapes, amazing hiking, taking pictures, relaxing in nature and much more for your family and friends. Safari Park Ramat Gan: Why not head out to discover the wildlife of Israel. The safari park is all about it, as it’s a great place for having a picnic, discovering wildlife, enjoying the landscape view and much more.

Bahai Gardens: If you are looking for a breathtaking view with a touch of nature, then visit Bahai Gardens. It’s filled with beautiful seasonal flowers, giving a majestic view to its visitors to take pictures and enjoy.  Rosh Hanikara: A natural wonder, beautiful geological formation having unique creatures located below the grottos.  Timna Park: A park famous for being rich in copper, which is being mined here since the 5th millennium BCE. The park is a wonderful attraction including various naturally structured platforms such as; a horseshoe-shaped valley, cliffs, copper mines, mount Timna, etc.

  1. The Historic and Artistic Museums Israel has about 200 museums, providing information regarding various things including ancient artifacts, history, sculptures and art and much more. Many people from all over the world come to visit Israel quite often since it’s their favorite place regarding the historical and cultural background. Also, it’s a favorite place for archeologists who want to study history a bit more. The museums located in Israel come in great designs from traditional architecture to modern and unique designs, having high tech facilities, wonderful to visit when you are looking for some indoor attractions.

Some the very famous Museums in Israel include;

Tel Aviv Museum of Art: Known for amazing art exhibitions and galleries  Eretz Israel Museum: Known for both historical and archeological exhibits  Design Museum Holon: Known for innovative design, architecture and constantly keeps on changing.

  1. Awesome Food Among one of the core reasons for someone to visit a travel destination is food. You’ll be quite happy to know, that Israel offers great food. It offers not just eastern food, but western and Arabic food, with a bit of Jewish touch. One of the most famous foods of Israel includes; Falafel, shakshuka, Tahini, Hummus, Tabbouleh, etc.