If you have any plans regarding a visit to Israel, and also are a foodie, then you better try some of the delicious snacks located here. Normally, food is one of the reasons why people tend to visit a country or a place and the same is the case with Israel, as food is another element aside from historically and religiously important destinations, to visit Israel. The reason why is because not just the food here is tasty, but healthy as well.


Here are the top 5 best foods you can try while you stay at Israel.

1. Hummus (Masabacha / Kawarma) Inspired by the Arabian cuisine, this Hummus Masabacha, and Kawarma, are savory dishes, found in almost every traditional Arabic and Jewish restaurant you can find in Israel. The Hummus Masabacha It’s an innovation of the original old hummus, by garnishing it with lemon, paprika, chickpeas, and Fenugreek on top while serving. Also, there is another form of Hummus called “Hummus Kawarama” which is garnished with onions, parsley and lamb mince giving it a unique and interesting flavor. It goes best with pita bread.

2. Falafel Sandwich The falafel sandwich is the new form of Israel fast-food, found in the streets as “the street food.” It’s very delicious and quite healthy since falafel is made purely of vegetables and is highly affordable in price. Its pita bread, with a pocket filling of Falafel, traditional Israeli salads, pickles and a bunch of sauces, etc. It’s found almost everywhere in Israeli cuisine.

3. Kanafeh Inspired from the Arabian dish “Kunafa”, Kanafeh is a sweet dish, a cheese pastry, soaked up in sugar syrup. Sometimes, a drop of orange or rose water is also added to it to give it a more textured flavor with a fruity or floral scent. It is highly popular in the street of Israel and is frequently sold there. People in Israel adore this dessert. It is even sometimes served with yogurt to give it a unique flavor.

4. Shakshuka Shakshuka is a traditional Breakfast, served in Israel and is highly loved by people there. It is made of eggs, hot sauce, feta cheese, bell pepper, tomato paste, chopped parsley for garnishing. It can not only be taken as a breakfast but lunch and dinner. It’s a very healthy and tasty Middle Eastern savory dish.

5. Bourikas Lastly, one of the most famous pastries of Israel of the Sephardi Jewish Origin, Bourikas are known widely for its shapes, filling and amazing flavor. They are available among bakeries of Israel and you will find them everywhere you travel as they are a highly popular treat. They are made from a lot of different forms of dough including; bourika dough, puff pastry dough, Brik pastry dough, phyllo dough, etc. depends on the baker how he makes the pastry. Normally, it’s filling includes; vegetables, cheese, mash potatoes, pizza ingredients, chicken, lamb, etc. Aside from having a savory filling, it is also filled with a sweet filling including halva chocolate, etc.