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Shuttle from Tel Aviv & Jerusalem to Taba border (Egypt)

Shuttle from Tel Aviv & Jerusalem to Taba border (Egypt)
Shuttle from Tel Aviv & Jerusalem to Taba border (Egypt)

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This One Way Shuttle bus Available 7 days a week throughout the year, including Fridays and Saturdays. It is a convenient and convenient one-way shuttle service that leaves from a central gathering place in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

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Hilights & Itinerary
We offer daily shuttles all air-conditioned and modern vehicles,
Convenient for travelersin groups and individuals.
Using the shuttle service is one of the easiest ways to get to Taba (Egypt border) from Israel.

We begin the pickup of the travelers in Tel Aviv and drive to Jerusalem. Then continure towards the dead sea where you'll get to see the sunrise in the desert all the way by the Arava road to Eilat and then to Taba Border.
From Tel aviv to taba border
♦ Hassle-free transfers
♦ Great option to get from Tel Aviv & Jerusalem to Eilat.
♦ Beautiful ride of approximately 4-5 hours                                                                         

Pickup time and locations
02:00 am - Pick up from Tel-Aviv - Dan Panorama Hotel
03:15 am - Pick up from Jerusalem - David Citadel Hotel
* The price does not include the shuttle back - Please contact us in order to book one

Tel aviv to taba 


  • One Way bus shuttle 
  • Departure: Our driver will pick you up outside the hotels:
  • Pick up From Grand Beach at 3:00 am 
  • From David Citadel at 4:15 am  
  • Border Crossing: travelers with a valid passport. 
  • Minimum 2 passengers per order

Air-conditioned vehicle
Pickup from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and drop off at Taba Border Egypt

Health Insurance 

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