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From Eilat to Dead Sea - Shuttle

From Eilat to Dead Sea - Shuttle
From Eilat to Dead Sea - Shuttle

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Whether you want a day of relaxation at the lowest point on Earth. The cheapest, fastest, and simplest way Every Day.

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This is a unique experience that is so often embedded in the minds of visitors to Israel long after their trips here have finished.
Experience the cooling waters at the lowest point on Earth at 'Private Beach',
The Dead Sea is a top tourist attraction due to its historical significance and magnificient views of the Judean Desert and Dead Sea.

• Pickup from Eilat Hotels with our professional escorted staff.
• Moving through the Judean Desert  the lowest region on Earth (photo stop at Sea Level, if time permits)
•  Float in the waters of the Dead Sea, and immerse yourself in the therapeutic mud.Check out some of the finest Dead Sea restaurants and dining options: kosher, meat, fish, daily, grill, cafes and more
•  Return to Eilat -
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