If you are a fan of geography, or just love to explore the world, then you must be a fan of wonders of the world. Wonders of the world have that name for nothing, they come with a special meaning, a history, unique background and most importantly, their artistic value. Not to mention, it is quite fun to understand the culture, traditions, norms, and values of a country in which these wonders of the world exist.



It might not be possible visiting all the wonders of the world, as they are about seven of them in different parts of the world, however, there are a few you can easily visit and look forward to. If you don’t have enough time to visit these amazing places, then you don’t have to worry, as there are places that you can within a week!!! That’s right!! Within a week.

But before we shed some light on the wonders of the world, let’s take a look at what do they mean?

Wonders of the World Wonders of the world are considered the world’s most spectacular man-made designs and structures that one simply cannot think of so easily. They are developed without the need for any digital technology or robots but rather by humans and their strongly creative and intellectual minds.

History It all started when “New7Wonders”, a campaign was formed back in 2000 to select one of the best handmade designs known as “Wonders of the world”. The selection was tough as they were about 200 existing monuments. The organization was based in Zurich, Switzerland, and was selected through a popularity poll, led by “Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber.” After several years of struggle, winners were finally selected in Lisbon on July 7th, 2007 and were given the name “7 wonders of the world.”

These Seven Wonders of the World are;

  1. Ancient City of Petra, Jordan
  2. Great Pyramid of Giza
  3. Taj Mahal
  4. Colosseum
  5. Great Wall of China
  6. Christ the Redeemer
  7. Machu Picchu

Among these 7 wonders, the “Dead Sea” is also considered among the Seven Wonders of the World, however, it is located in the Ancient City of Petra, Jorden in Israel therefore, only one is mentioned.

How to visit the wonders of the world in a week? Although you might not be able to make in time while visiting all Seven Wonders of the World, and might also spend a lot of money while doing so, there are, however, some places where you can go and visit within a week and they are;

  1. __Ancient City of Petra, Jorden
  2. Dead Sea, Jorden
  3. Great Pyramid of Giza__

To discuss them, let’s look at their details;

1. Ancient City of Petra, Jorden Israel As per the name indicates, it’s an ancient city, located in Jordan, Israel. The city is about 2000 years old. It is said that this city was the legacy of Nabataea’s, known as industrious Arab people, who settled here in southern Jordan centuries ago. Despite being so old, this city is famous for its unique artistic value, structure, design, and sculptures and will make your jaw drop.

Petra now is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world where people from all over the world come to visit and know about its culture. It’s the biggest treasure for the people of Israel. It includes over 100 tombs for tourists to look into.

2. The Dead Sea, Jordan Isreal The Dead Sea is known to be the second highly salted major water body in the world. It is a salt lake, that’s bordered by Jorden to the east and Israel to the west. Its main tributary is “Jorden River.” Its surface is about 430.5 meters, below the sea which is considered as the lowest of all elevation on land. The salt lake is so dense, that people can float on it.

History In the past, it had a lot of names given to it which include “salt sea, the sea of Sodom and eastern sea.” It was found to be given the name “dead sea” when no living organism such as a fish, or an octopus was found. Since the sea is so salty, no living organism can live here due to which it be known as “the dead sea.” In 1946 and 1956, a team of archeologists discovered Dead Sea scrolls in about twelve caves near the Dead Sea known as “Ein Feshkha Caves” and that’s how it was discovered.

3. Great Pyramid of Giza The great pyramid of Giza is known as one of the biggest and oldest wonders of the world. It is one of the largest among the three other pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. It is known for its remarkable structure, smooth surface, height about 146.7 meters (481 feet) tall and its position to remain intact after so many years. It was covered by limestones. Its construction techniques are still debated by scientists all over the world due to its unique architecture.

History The great pyramid of Giza was built in the “fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Khufu”, or Cheops and was said to be completed in 2560 BCE. It took about 20 years to complete and was fully man-made. This pyramid includes a lot of passages and chambers in which the highest passage was created from where the moon can be in the middle. It was an idea generated by King Khufu to make this huge passage in this pyramid of Giza that reaches to the moon in the fullest so that he could reach to heaven and have a fruitful afterlife journey. Although many scholars argue that this pyramid was created using 20,000 labors and terrible slavery was done by them, however, some argue they used to work for it with passion and their own will without any slavery or pressure.

Since these places are quite close to each other, you can visit them within a week or so without much burden on your pocket to enjoy history and get to have some adventure.