Are you a vegan? Are you finding difficulty in looking for one of the best vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv? Have you gotten tired of finding the right kind of restaurant to satisfy your taste buds? Well, worry no more as we are about to tell you regarding one of the best vegan food spots you could find in Tel Aviv.

The world is changing and so is Israel. Nowadays, people are shifting more and more towards vegan food items as they have gotten health conscious and avoid animal cruelty. According to the latest study, Israel is the 2nd highest ranked country for following vegan foods. As per the research, around 13% of the population of Israel follows a vegan diet. Since Tel Aviv is a modern city and a tourist spot in Israel, it just has to be updated with vegan food for the visitors and that’s where it came up with the best vegan food spots, ready to satisfy your taste buds. Take a look below to find them out;

  1. Meshek Barzilay A highly famous and most favorite restaurant for vegan people in Tel Aviv is “Meshek Barzilay.” It offers beautiful infrastructure, great ambiance, a creative menu and wonderful accommodation for everyone who dines in and takes away. The restaurant is quite famous for offering breakfast menu items including; vegan shakshuka, homemade granola served with vegan soy yogurt, and savory frittata topped with vegan cheese. Dishes are quite tasty and fresh and the atmosphere is great since they provide a large outdoor terrace. The flavors of the dishes are Israeli, Indian, Thai and Italian.

  2. Anastasia Anastasia is a very well-known “Vegan Hub” providing a casual dining atmosphere and a cozy indoor environment. It’s located in Freshman Street, making it easy to travel to a beach nearby and a shopping spot. They offer open table breakfast which is perfect for sharing when it comes to hanging out with friends and families. The breakfast comes with a vegan omelet, vegan bread, vegan salad, and vegan coffee.

  3. Green Cat A very comfy restaurant located in the south of Tel Aviv, famous for offering a vegan pizza. All the pizzas here are made fresh with delicious vegan toppings and interesting flavors. The restaurant offers casual seating and is not only a wonderful place for vegan pizza lovers but non- vegan as well due to providing amazing quality food with delicious toppings and flavor.

  4. Bana A newly developed vegan restaurant, which got quite within a week in Tel Aviv after its opening. The design of this restaurant is unique and modern. During the entrance, a bar is offered showing various forms of freshly made meals, making you want to order immediately. Here menu changes according to the season which is good as it will offer unique food items, making you coming for more.

  5. Zakaim Lastly, Zakaim restaurant which offers a comfy environment once you enter inside. It will not be wrong to call this restaurant an innovative one, as it keeps on updating and changing their menu. The reason why is to offer creative and interesting dishes, having eastern and western flavors. The food served here is always delicious.