Eilat is a small town in Israel nestled on the Red Sea. A few kilometers away are the Jordanian border (3 kilometers to the east) and the Egyptian border (8 kilometers to the west). It is a seaside classic seaside resort, except that there is a great weather all year (so it is possible to swim there all year also) and as soon as you leave the city you will find yourself in the middle of the beautiful Negev desert.

In short, if you are wondering what to do in Eilat and its surroundings during your stay in Israel, I reassure you right away: there is something for everyone! Those looking to spend sun-bathing days on the beach can do it without problem. Those of you who love nature and hiking will find something to look after: the mountains and the desert are nearby.


Bathing on one of the beaches of Eilat

Eilat has developed all along the Israeli coast on the Red Sea. The seaside town has many beaches to offer tourists. Most are well appointed, with deckchairs and access to the sea to avoid damage to the feet (because the beaches are often full of pebbles). There are also many bars nearby, which have plenty of "beach lounges" (I do not know how to call it otherwise) to " chill " quietly. Basically, in Eilat you can spend a full day sipping cocktails, sunbathing and taking a dip in the Red Sea, in calm and warm water (well, hot for the Norman that I am, but some will find it relatively cool as it rarely exceeds 22/23 degrees). All without walking more than 10 meters: pretty cool if you come to Eilat to rest and relax. Small precaution anyway: take sunscreen (maximum index), and avoid exposing yourself to the hottest hours of the day. Hydrate yourself, cover your head and protect yourself from the sun.

Snorkelling around Eilat Just take a mask and a snorkel and put your feet in the water on one of the beaches a little west of Eilat (towards the Egyptian border) to have a wonderful aquatic world under the eyes of multicolored fish that pass between your legs, you will admire beautiful corals in translucent water. The show is incredible; you will never get tired of it! The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy the colors and the underwater life, and Eilat is a spot of choice! Even if you are not particularly attracted by this kind of activity, I really encourage you to try at least the time of an hour or two: what you will have in front of you will enchant you and you will not regret any bit of it!

The best spot for snorkelling in Eilat is at Coral Beach Nature Reserve, which is south-west of Eilat center, near the Egyptian border. To get to the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, take the bus to Egypt (if you are in the center, get off at the stop behind the mall, it's called "Ha'arava Road / Yotam Road ") And get off at" Mitsrayim Road / Field School ". The ticket costs 4 schekels (about one euro - to buy from the driver) and the journey takes about 15 minutes, sometimes a little more depending on the traffic. For the beach of Almog, it is the same bus line, and get off at the previous stop: "Mitsrayim Road / Almog Beach". You can rent snorkelling equipment at one of the many diving clubs between Almog Beach and Coral Beach Nature Reserve. You will be spoiled for choice (prices and benefits are much the same everywhere).

Where to stay in Eilat The choice of your accommodation in Eilat is crucial to a successful stay. Here are the places I recommend you to stay depending on the type of trip you want to do:

If you want to enjoy the Red Sea If your visit to Eilat is primarily to enjoy the Red Sea, then I recommend staying near the beaches on the western side of the city (so towards Egypt). You will be quieter there than in the city center, you will have the best beaches (and the least crowded) and especially you will have direct access to all the activities that the Red Sea offers to its visitors in Eilat in addition to the classic swims: underwater observatory, dolphins, snorkelling and diving. While if you live in the center, you will have to take the bus or car every time to come to this area. If you want to enjoy the excitement of the city The city of Eilat is, along with Tel Aviv, one of the most party-minded in the country. If you like to go out all night long, you should not be disappointed. Everything happens on the waterfront, in the various beach bars where DJs flock.

Where to eat in Eilat For those who prefer burgers and pizzas, ditto, you will be spoiled for choice along the promenade that runs along the sea, in the heart of Eilat.

But if you are looking for places to sit and eat quietly (and not just on the go), it gets more complicated. Try the Les Sardines restaurant at HaMayim 3, which offers a lot of products from the sea and has a good reputation in Eilat.

__Going to Eilat from Tel Aviv

There is no rail connection with Eilat (the Israeli train does not go further south than Beer Sheva), but you can easily get to Eilat from Tel Aviv by bus, or with an internal flight.

By bus, take the 390 or 394 bus to Tel Aviv Bus Station (right next to Ha'Hagana Train Station, 108 Levinsky bb). The journey costs 70 shekkels (17 €) and lasts between 5 and 6 hours.

There is also the possibility of taking other lines and making a change to Beer Sheva (the big city that serves as the northern gateway to the Negev desert), but do not worry about it: it's more simple with the hotlines (and it does not change the price).

Conclusively, the setting of Eilat is incredible, with the Red Sea, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia under the eyes, and these desert mountains all around ... A show that is impossible to get tired!