Located in Israel right at the edge of the Judean desert, Masada is a picturesque fortress situated high above the Dead Sea on a tall, rocky mesa and it’s one of the most popular tourist’s attractions in the country. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, these well-preserved ruins are not just stunning archaeological site rather they attest to the history of the ancient Israeli’s kingdom and the braveness of its people in the face of a Roman siege. Today, a visit to this site creates an indelible experience with astounding views that’s why most visitors want to know how they can visit Masada at sunrise from Tel Aviv.

It’s possible to visit Masada by car but a tour is definitely the best way to see the beautiful ruins.

A Sunrise Experience at Masada Whilst you can visit the breath-taking remains of Masada at any given time of the day, one of the most exhilarating opportunities is watching the sunrise at dawn. Most tourists who have taken the tour to watch the sunrise confirm it’s one of their favourite memories in Israel. In the darkness, you brave your way up the snake path, the 90 minutes journey leads you to the summit of Masada where you’ll witness the sun peeking out above the Dead Sea and the magnificent Moab Mountains.

Best Way to Visit Masada at Sunrise from Tel Aviv Taking part in the phenomenal sunrise experience at Masada means sacrificing your sleeping time and heeding to an early wake-up call from Tel Aviv. Whilst driving there is an option, taking the Masada Tour which also includes visit to the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi from Tel Aviv is your best bet to get unforgettable experience and combine a couple of sites in one visit. In addition, we offer the most affordable tours without compromising the quality and the rates are so reasonable giving you value that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Since the tour is self-guided, it’s the cheapest way to see Masada at sunrise and you don’t have to worry about coordinating transportation as it’s included in the tour. There is also a weekly Masada Sunrise Yoga experience tour which combines the highlights of the tour with a private yoga session at the summit of Masada at sunrise. If you’re not a morning person, there are other tour alternatives that can get you to Masada from Tel Aviv, although they don’t include Masada at sunrise.

Check out the following tours that don’t include a sunrise in Masada but are equally thrilling.

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From the blissful of the morning calmness and darkness to astounding views that are unbeatable as the sun rises over the vast land surrounding it, watching the sunrise in Masada is worth every trouble of leaving your bed early. If you are looking to visit Masada at sunrise from Tel Aviv, there are lots of indelible precious moments that await you.