If you are planning a trip to Israel, you do not want to miss a chance in purchasing one of the best souvenirs out there within this country. Since the city is highly famous for its historical and religious background, you can purchase great souvenirs of three different religions; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Apart from religious souvenirs, you can also purchase Middle Eastern or Mediterranean souvenirs. Of course, it totally depends upon the buyer to decide what interests him/her the most.

Whether you want to buy a product as a display item for your home, or would like to gift it to your friends and family, or would want to purchase it as a memorable item while your trip to Israel, it totally depends upon you and your level of taste.

Here are some of the great souvenirs you can purchase while your trip to Israel.

  1. Eliat Stone Eliat stone is known as a national stone, derived from the Eliat city of Israel. It’s an extremely beautiful green and bluestone, sometimes referred to as “The stone of Suleiman the Magnificent.” The stones can be used as a piece of great jewelry in the form of rings, earrings, necklace or a beautiful bracelet. This stone has healing ability and is said to absorb all the pain whether physical or emotional within to heal its owner. It benefits you physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.

  2. Dead Sea Mud and Salt The Dead Sea is highly known for the high concentration of salt in the sea located at the Negev desert. It’s a great source of improving your skin condition, acne related problems, and psoriasis in the form of mud mask, lotion, Dead Sea salt, bath bomb, scrub, etc. People from all over the world come quite often to this platform to cover their entire bodies from its mud due to its skin treatment properties, giving skin a soothing feel.

  3. Hebrew Name Necklace Language is a term, representing a country’s way of communication. It’s a source of cultural knowledge regarding a country and representing its vast history, culture, religion, and background. If you ever get a chance to visit Israel, then one of the best pieces of jewelry you can get yourself in a form of souvenir is your name written in a national language of Israel called “Hebrew.” You can get it in gold, platinum, white gold or silver, depending upon the way you like as a necklace or a bracelet or, you can just purchase it as a gift for someone.

  4. Christian Holy Land Jewelry If you are a Christian, then this might highly attract you as we are talking about none other than the very beautiful cross necklace, typically worn as a symbol to represent Christianity. It can be found as a stunning piece of jewelry in the holy land in the form of necklace, bracelet or earrings.

  5. Olive Wood Carvings The olive tree is found in the holy land and has been planted there for thousands of years. The tiniest branch of this tree even is considered of huge importance and represented as a symbol of peace and goodwill. If you feel regarding the loss of tree for the development of an olive wood craving then fear not, as the cravings are made by pruning of olive trees, which is a part of a healthier growth of a tree.